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shake 1

Tony Reichert
Lead Vox, Sax, Keys.


Drink- Rumpleminze
Team- Cleveland Cavaliers
Hometown- Reading,PA
Current City- Fleetwood,PA
Birthday- October 30th
shake 3
John Fisher
Lead Vox/Guitar


Drink- Jameson
Team- Philadelphia Flyers
Hometown- Philadelphia,PA
Current City- Brooklawn,NJ
Birthday- July 26

shake 4
Justin Betz
Drums Vox


Drink- Jagermeister
Team- Philadelphia Phillies
Hometown- Bangor,PA
Current City- State College,PA
Birthday- January 4th
shake 2
Kurt Geyer


Drink- Rumpleminze
Team- Pittsburgh Penguins
Hometown- Pittsburgh,PA
Current City- Allentown,PA
Birthday- June 20th
shake 2
Derek Gertz
Lead Guitar, Vox


Drink- Whiskey
Team- Richard Almeida/Renzo Gracie
Hometown- Sewell,NJ
Current City- Sewell,NJ
Birthday- June 6th